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The default re-write method for sh404SEF® is index.php mode. This will insert add /index.php into all of your URLs. For example:, mod_rewrite produces the most human-readable and generally the most desired URLs for page ranking in search engines such as this:, The problem with migrating an existing site from index.php mode to mod_rewrite mode is that all of the existing URLs that have been indexed by Google contain index.php. Suddenly removing the index.php from your URLs will likely have negative consequences on your page ranking.

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After Joomla upgrades, error appears after creating menu. Appearing in url - Joomla!%20Update
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It seems after Extension Manager > Update > upgrade Akeeba, I forgot to run the new configuration settings to be applied in Akeeba after every Akeeba upgrade.

After every Akeeba upgrade, go to Akeeba > Configuration > and apply as necessary new settings / configurations everytime.

Clear and purge all Joomla system cache, and Fix database then retry recreating menu again.

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The update manager, new since version 1.6, should make upgrading Joomla a breeze:

  1.     Backup your site, download the backup file and test that it's working;
  2.     Log into the administrator backend of your site and go the the extension manager;
  3.     Click the warnings tab and check for warnings;
  4.     Click the update tab and click the purge cache button;
  5.     Click the find updates button;
  6.     You should see a version of Joomla listed that is newer than your current version. Check the checkbox beside it and click the update button.

 after Upgrade of Akeeba and Joomla 2.5

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When you want to display only a certain amount of characters of a text block in Joomla, you can use the class JHTML and the method truncate.

This method will not cut words in half but instead it will truncate at the first space in the defined limit.

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