15 New Create Business Card Tutorials in Photoshop

List of 15 New Business Card Tutorials in Photoshop that you will find helpful in creating your own business cards, This selection of tutorials will show you some techniques for designing business cards, as well as give you all the information you need to get set up the right way to make the design a success. So check out this unique list that we have prepared for you and read through each article thoroughly.

25 Newest jQuery Slider Plugins with Tutorials


Content sliders are a great way to show large amount of content or images on a smaller area in a website or blog. They are commonly used in portfolio sites, corporate sites or blogs. JQuery slider and gallery plugins is one of the most popular Javascript libraries for creating dynamic and interactive effects for websites. In this post, we’ve collection of 25 high-quality jQuery slider and gallery plugins and tutorials to Boost Your Work article.

Add rel=canonical for Joomla 2.5

Canonical links with Joomla to avoid duplicate content

Joomla CMS will create many duplicate contents in the Google index is not friendly for seo, how to avoid duplicate content? the smiple way is add rel="canonical" tag in the header like <link rel="canonical" href="/url" />, i find a free plugin called MetaGenerator developed by shikle.com that can add rel="canonical" meta tag only for com_content in article, category and section view.

Remove Article ID from URL Joomla 2.5

Having a link that looks professional is also an important factor in SEO, your links probably look like this, example.com/5/article. We want it to look like this, example.com/article.

It’s actually not hard to do, we won’t be installing any plugins or modules, just change 2 numbers and comment out a paragraph. Remember it’s always good to make a copy of the file you’re working on, if you do something by mistake, it would be easy to change back.

Add Rich Snippets Vote To Joomla for Free

Rich Snippets Joomla

For the average searcher, these rich snippets help show them what they're searching for is within reach on a particular site. we know Google can display Star Ratings in search results for articles or products that have a review system compatible with Google Rich Snippets.

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