Tag You're It

Kateland tagged me in this book blog game because she's curious to see if there is a reading parallel universe between the two of us. I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint her. First off, I've never read Dostoevsky.

Number of books I own. Several hundred I expect, lots of novels, gardening and reference books. Think church rummage sale and dusty copies of Birdless Summer by Han Suyin.

Last book I bought. Honestly? The Tantric Pillow Book, 101 Nights, by Cassandra Lorius. What can I say we, we drove into Montreal (the city of lost inhibitions) for Greek food on Crescent Street. I picked up this cute little bedside- table book on our after-dinner stroll down Ste-Catherine. It has over one hundred exercises to "enhance communication, creativity and spontaneity" but to tell you the truth, convincing the Rooster to visualize a lotus flower opening up on the top of his head is proving to be a bit of a hard sell.

Last book I read. Anne Rice's Blackwood Farm. My 16 year old son bought it for me at Christmas then got it home and realized it was spooky. He knows nothing about my reading habits except I don't read that kind of stuff. Since he'd picked it out himself I was pleased to be able to tell him that the exception is Anne Rice. I 'm not crazy about the Vampire books but love the Mayfair Witches. I also liked the Feast of All Saints

Books That Mean A Lot To Me

The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje. I wouldn't say Ondaatje is my favourite writer but the language in The English Patient was so rich I couldn't read a novel for months after. Everything else paled in comparison. I have also never looked at a man in turban in the same way since.

The Diviners because Margaret Laurence is my favourite novelist.

The Godfather because it was the first adult book I remember reading. I was eleven years old.

Voices from the Lost Villages by Rosemary Rutley. This is my mother's first book about the Lost Villages. In the late 1970's I spent many months working for the historical society interviewing people who had been relocated because of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project. Those transcripts were the basis for this book about the six lost villages.

The Spice Box of Earth by Leonard Cohen. Yes, I know he completed it on the island of Hydra, but it really is, for me, the poetry of Montreal.

I wonder how many people in this city

live in furnished rooms.

Late at night when I look out at the buildings

I swear I see a face in every window

looking back at me,

and when I turn away I wonder how many go back to their desks

and write this down.

Now it's my turn to tag someone else and I don't know who has and who hasn't so ...

Everyone wants to know what Jim Bobby Sez and Literary Vamp, should be interesting but she hasn't been around for a while, so we'll have to see. And Debbye if she isn't too damn busy for this nonsense.