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MegaZine 3 - Free Flash Pageflip Engine

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Free Flash Pageflip Engine
MegaZine 3 is an open source & free Flash pageflip engine for presenting any content with a book-like interface where users can flip the pages. It is built with ActionScript 3 & customized very easily via XML files. Features of MegaZine 3:     * deep linking with integrated SWFaddress support
    * control bar to navigate through pages easier (can be disabled)
    * page caching for faster browsing
    * ability to use any content in pages like sound, images, movies & more
    * easy customization of background, colors & ability to create transparent pages
    * advanced localization support (even sounds, iamges can be bound to languages)
    * image zooming & image galleries inside pages This pageflip engine is well-documented & a working demo can be found here. Tip: There is a batch-script offered at the download page for auto converting PDF documents into Flash pageflip presentations.

Download and Homepage:

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