To The Queen

From the Monarchist, the Red Ensign Standard no. XXII

When I was a kid toasting the Queen at formal dinners was as customary as saying Grace. To this day, every time I drink tomato juice I feel compelled to raise my glass "to the Queen".

I have no idea if it was indicative of this corner of Loyalist eastern Ontario but the practice has all but disappeared. The possible exception being Tories who actually descend from the original bloody Tories. The local provincial riding association continues to toast the Queen at its General Annual Meetings.

Born of loyalist stock I am by default a monarchist and these are difficult days for those of us who understand the necessity of honour and tradition in a parliamentary system.

Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition suggests we are headed for another tumultuous week in the House of Commons. In light of that you might want to spend some time reading The Tipping Point and The Tipping Point - Part 2 by Walsingham also of the Monarchist.

Media Bias or Media Chill?

It has taken much of the main stream media a full four days to figure out what kind of spin they're going to put on the Grewal tape story.

In the mean time, Tim Murphy, Paul Martin's chief of staff, is threatening to sue National Post columnist, Andrew Coyne.

Part one of Coyne's last column can be read here and part two is here. This is a move seen by many, not so much as a means to protect Murphy's interests, but to put a chill on the media. He's certainly put a chill on Coyne who has said little and greatly modified his blog over the weekend.

An equally damning piece appeared in the Globe and Mail but it does not appear that Murphy will be suing John Ibbitson. So perhaps it is Coyne's blog that the Liberals don't like. The Ibbitson column is subscriber only but you can get where you need to go by googling At what price victory? John Ibbitson.

Graham Fraser's news story in the Star (not to be confused with an opinion piece you understand) depicts Tim Murphy as some kind of national hero. Read The Man Who Saved the Government.

The Liberals are of course claiming that Grewal approached them and just wouldn't take no for an anwser. Grewal, who also claims to have four hours of tape which he is willing to hand over to the RCMP, had this to say to CTV.

"How long does it take to say no? If Mr. Dosanjh is negotiating and making offers, that's not the way to say no," he said. "If he's talking and making offers -- like you can hear it on the tape -- he is not telling Canadians the truth."

While we're on the subject bias, both (705)Blue and Canadianna have excellent posts on media bias.

And if you still don't think we're going to hell in a handbasket read An Open Letter to the Subjects of Canada from Alberta separatist Crabby Mr. Bill who asks "What are you willing to do to change things?

Well, I'll keep up my letter writing campaign. But given the chill in the air I don't have high hopes that the Cornwall Standard Freeholder will be printing my Grewal/Murphy letter any time soon. Update:The Freeholder did print the letter.