I am defeated

I've fiddled-assed around for weeks and today I acknowledge defeat.

I can't figure out a way to add permalinks that isn't going to take way too much time. I downloaded Jack's Thingamablog - seems to be working for him - but it intimidated the hell out of me.

I have more than a dozen tomato plants that I need to get into the ground and I have to make a decision.

Do I take another stab at Thingamablog?

Make my way through the Alleycode Tutorial which, unlike Matizah Sublime, has help files written in english and keep struggling with HTML. I really like simple(free) HTML editors.

Or do I simplify my life and get a Blogger account? Suggestions anyone?

I've reminded my sons many, many times. Stay away from the bad boys. They'll just get you into trouble. But do they listen? Nooo.

So, while I play in the dirt and ponder the future of Just Between Us Girls, read tape 1, tape 2, tape 3 and tape 4. See for yourself how Gurmant Grewal entrapped Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh and Chief of Staff Tim Murphy and made them do a bad, bad thing.