From CP's Dan Dugay

"I told the prime minister one day when he had some concerns about how religious groups are reacting, I said 'Look, believe me when I met with the rabbis, I guarantee that you've not heard from the Catholic leaders what the critique was that I heard from the rabbis."

Ok, having read the CP story it's clear my hede really isn't fair and honest. But neither is the Globe and Mails' Christian activists capturing Tory races.

I can't get passionate about same sex marriage. I just don't give a ... it isn't an issue I care deeply about.

But others do and they are passionate about it. Observant Jews, Sikhs and Muslims are passionate about it but only Christians it seems warrant headlines that reek of religious intolerance.

I do care about religious freedom and that doesn't seem to be had within the Liberal Party. If it could you'd see people of faith seeking Liberal nominations or staying out of the political process altogether, confident that their elected representatives would in fact be representing them.

It certainly can't be had in an NDP party that ceased to be a party of tolerance when Jack Layton refused to let his members represent their constituents' religious views.

Same sex marriage does not follow party lines. It divides faiths, congregations, and as Colter points out in the CP story, even families.

People of faith, it would seem, don't believe the same sex marriage bill protects religious freedom. I think Paul Martin's motive in passing this bill has more to do with painting the Conservatives as social conservative wing-nuts than it does advancing the rights of gays and lesbians. And the Globe and Mail would rather take a deeply divisive issue and spin it into one more tired hidden agenda story.